Now the Autorickshaw travel booking is your finger tips. Call Auto - world is the first, easy and most efficient application for booking for Autorickshaw passengers in Kerala. Within this app you can book your nearest [closest] Autorickshaw in seconds. You can find all information about booked Autorickshaw in this app. Traveling to the place where you pay to go is getting ahead of time. All the ways to travel and the routs are traveled are recorded through this app and it will be available at any time.

Passengers, including women and children, can ride in any Autorickshaw all the time without fear. This allows the user to communicate with the driver to the Autorickshaw and get the space to travel. This app allows the traveler and Autorickshaw to monitor their relatives. This app can be booked in advance for a fixed time or another day. In emergency situations you can inform the police through the Emergency Alert Button in the app and send an alert messages to any of the ten relevant numbers.

All the information on the journey observed and recorded in the safety of women and children to ensure their safety in the Autorickshaw. This app helps you find valuable things are lost in Autorickshaw while traveling.

This app allows you to document your comments about each Autorickshaw and drivers, and can see other peoples comments. The traveler is able to communicate with the Auto driver through this app, rather than the personal number, and to get to know the location of the driver and the location we know. We an book an Autorickshaw trip through this app for somebody else. Women can select and book for lady driver Autorickshaw. Passengers do not have to spend money on this app in any way. Passengers can save the routing routes and make travel booking easier.This app is very useful and easy to use in all the rural areas not only in urban areas.


Passengers are increasing confidence in the Autorikshaw journey. It provides safe travel for passengers including women and children. You can get full information about journeys you have traveled anytime.

Drivers can easily locate places where most of the passengers are. You can get more passengers in this app. Autorikshaws are separated by area base. The cost of insurance up to Rs. 1Lkah is totally free if the death or accident occured through Personal Accident Insurance Scheme along with annual plan of Rs. 840/- This app can easily be used in all areas both urban and rural. Passengers will not have to spend any money for this app. This app helps to communicate between drivers and passengers, and find their space.

In this app, the driver is able to understand places where passengers are at risk. This app helps to plan predictions, predetermined trips and to remind these destinations in those times. Driver's choice can make this app stop and activate. This app reminds you to update your vehicle Registration, Insurance etc. This app allows you to communicate with travelers about the journey and suggestions.