Though we can work with a number of technologies, we specialize in the following

  • Java, J2EE, JSP, J2SE, EJB
  • VB .net, C#
  • Oracle 9i and higher
  • Linux and Windows, OS.
  • HTML, Java Scripts, Flash, Silver light, AJAX.

Embedded & VLSI

Embedded and Hardware Techonologies [Ubiquitous Computing, WSN, Embedded and VLSI]
System Software [e-Security, , U-Security, Grid Computing]
Web Technologies [e-Learning, U-Learning, Supply Chain Management(SCM)]
Education and Training [PG Diploma & Certificate Programmes, Information Security Education & Awareness(ISEA)]
Social Sector [India Development Gateway(InDG)


Long stretches of experience has shown us that nobody’s estimates fits in all programming advancement. It is a test to distinguish which procedure is perfect of which task and we are exceptionally cautious at the same time. In spite of the fact that we don't delay to embrace an absolutely new approach if the venture requests in this way, the most widely recognized two systems that we receive are the famous ones.

System development lifecycle

Framework improvement lifecycle models is an arrangement of customary strategies that were made to grow enormous and complex frameworks that requested groups of planners, experts, developers, analyzers and clients cooperate to make them a large number custom-composed code that drove the ventures. The famous models are cascade, wellspring, winding, form and fix, fast prototyping, incremental and synchronize and balance out. The most seasoned of these, the best known and the one that we embrace for a few tasks is the cascade display: a grouping of stages in which the yield of each stage turns into the contribution for the following.

The other two models of SDLC that we adopt as and when required are:

Spiral model

The winding model underlines the need to return and repeat prior stages various circumstances as the venture advances. It's really a progression of short cascade cycles, each delivering an early model speaking to a piece of the whole undertaking. This approach shows a proof of idea from the get-go in the cycle, and it all the more precisely mirrors the untidy, even tumultuous advancement of innovation.

We have discovered this model most perfect when the genuine prerequisites of the client are hard to find out ahead of schedule and with each stage they progress toward becoming clearer. In the fast prototyping model, introductory accentuation is on making a model that looks and acts like the coveted item keeping in mind the end goal to test its handiness. The model is a basic piece of the necessities assurance stage, and might be made utilizing apparatuses not quite the same as those utilized for the last item. Once the model is affirmed, it is disposed of and the "genuine" programming is composed. We have discovered this model most perfect for online interface ventures where the client isn't every now and again accessible or where the client from another nation.


The business need of some of our customers is to reach the market as soon as possible. They assign higher priority to the actual development of product and very little to the other derivable like the documentation. Some other customers deal with the rapidly changing markets and their needs are very volatile.

For addressing both the above situation, we have started adopting SCRUM for such projects. As more and more customers seem to prefer scrum, we predict it will be the main methodology that we will be using in future.


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